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Writer, editor, gardener, eater, cook, mother. Explorer of ideas and places.


I'm blogging my adventures with creating a large kitchen garden at my new home from the fall of 2009 and into the 2010 harvest season. Come share in my successes, commiserate when things (inevitably) go wrong and above all, please send me your gardening suggestions, advice and stories.

I have another blog at where I share new home & garden ideas, activities, and items I find in New York and elsewhere on the Internet. That blog also revisits content that was part of my popular Hudson Valley Gardens Online site (1997-2006) and some of my writings for the Valley Table, the Herb Companion and other magazines and Web sites.

About me: I am a NY-based writer and editor who has worked for many publications, most recently as editorial director of Gannett's Hudson Valley Connoisseur magazine and editor/writer for the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper, where I wrote editorials and special features, managed the Hudson Happenings Web site, and blogged at Hudson Valley Good Life and Quad Updates.

If you're looking for an experienced content creator/manager, my résumé is at I can edit/write about almost any topic and make it clear, concise and interesting, but the content on my blogs is what I especially love exploring.


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